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Sale of SM482PLUS with Docking Carts to Aerospace Company
19 Aug 2019
Increasing demand for smaller PCB assemblies with smaller components has driven this customer to invest in new equipment.
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3D AOI Off-Line Machine - Pemtron 3D AOI Machine

3D AOI Image from Pemtron 3D AOI MachineAdvanced High Speed Inspection and Measurement Technology

Shadowless Phase Measuring Profilometry

4MP 8 Projector 3D AOI inspects 100% of the PCB in 2D and 3D. Combining the 2 technologies gives a complete optical inspection of a PCB shadow free and low false calls maintaining a high flexibility in system functionality.

  • 8 Projection + Three stage lighting
  • 2D and 3D simultaneous inspection algorithms
  • Telecentric Lens offers higher accuracy and detection
  • High Speed CPU and Image Processing
  • User Friendly Graphical Interface
  • Built in Library Management System
  • Offline Real Time Debug Station (Optional)

High Speed Inspection Technology
The EAGLE'S High Speed Option inspects in 40.5cm sq. per sec. by utilizing an advanced network of more robust CPU, controller boards and our proprietary developed 9MP 15um 150fps camera with telecentric lens.

High Component Inspection Technology
EAGLES optional new 10-Way Projection Technology offers an
industry first 25mm component height inspection in 100% 3D.

Shadow Free 3D Technology
Eliminates shadow issues on highly populated PCBs and tall

Optical Character Recognition
Recognises component part characters by using colour and
pattern algorithms. Ability to add & modify OCR font to optimize
inspection condition.

3D Solder & Height Measurement
Using our advanced 3D technology, the EAGLE is able to take
inspection to levels that are limited by conventional 2D systems.
Adding solder height, volume and part co-polarity inspection
provides enhanced defect detection capabilities.

3D Lead Inspection
3D measurement algorithms enable the EAGLE to measure
lead height and volume of solder proving full-high quality 
3D images.

Tilt & Rotate Measurement
Advanced algorithms can extract, detect and differentiate
diverse component body patterns automatically.

Board Size Min 50 mm x 50 mm (2 x 2")
Max 510 mm x 465 mm (20 x 18")
Board Thickness 5 mm
Warpage±3 mm
Resolution 10/15/18um
Camera System 4MP High Speed B&W Camera
Lighting System RGB 3D Stroboscopic + Top Lighting

Customer Feedback
Quick 310 Tip Cleaner, thanks for recommending this cleaner, it really is a fantastic tool, we all share it and don't use anywhere near as many tips as we used to, thank you! Simon
Simon Aaron
- Godfreys Machine Specialists
We came to Elite 7, looking for a small SMT Machine. This is our first experience of buying an automatic SMT Placement machine. After contacting Elite 7 to discuss our options and to see what they had, it was suggested a TWS Quadra would be suitable for us. After seeing the machine in action with our product the decision was simple. It's been in use now for 1 year and paid for itself many times. Great service, great knowledgeable advice, got what we needed with little fuss.
James Winter
- Winter & Smith Limited
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