• Folungwin FL-VP860

    High Quality, Highly reliable

    Reflow Oven Offering huge

    Cost Savings with Low Running

    Power Consumption Rate

  • Folungwin Win-8 Printer

    Fully Automatic Screen Printer

    Many Standard features only found

    on expensive printers

    Highly Reliable

  • Samsung Excen

    120,000 CPH(Optimum)

    Ultra Slim Design with a Total Length of 1.25m

    SMART Feeder - The world’s first Auto-Splicing
    and Auto Loading functions

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Sale of SM482PLUS with Docking Carts to Aerospace Company
19 Aug 2019
Increasing demand for smaller PCB assemblies with smaller components has driven this customer to invest in new equipment.
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BGA Inspection - Technolab Flex Inspector (Flexible Endoscopes)

Flexible Endoscope for examining under BGA's and CSP's, Fantastic image quality, BGA inspection

The Flex Inspector is a portable high-resolution microscope using Fibre Optics to see under difficult devices. 

This system allows you to access the smallest gaps and holes, the sleekest version being no more than 280 microns in thickness. The modular design enables various fiberoptic endoscopes to be employed. The plug-in design makes for a rapid change of tools. We can fulfill various specification requirements. Camera technology with DSP ensures high image quality..

Main Features:

  • BGA-Inspection (inspection directly underneath devices) 
  • Inspection of high frequency-protected areas on PCB 
  • Looking for dust, flux residue, solder balls 
  • Inspection of mechanical parts for scratches or burrs 
  • Inspection of solder joints 
  • Inspection of drilling holes in micro vias • Portable 
  • Easily changeable endoscopes 
  • World´s smallest fiber endoscopes in stainless steel capillary 
  • All optical fibers protected by stainless steel capillaries 
  • Modularity makes for safe investment 
  • Thanks to the modular plug-and-play design, the endoscopes can also easily employed in the MicroInspector 
  • Can be linked to standard PAL-videomonitors 
  • Including TecXon Xenon lamp

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Customer Feedback
Quick 310 Tip Cleaner, thanks for recommending this cleaner, it really is a fantastic tool, we all share it and don't use anywhere near as many tips as we used to, thank you! Simon
Simon Aaron
- Godfreys Machine Specialists
We came to Elite 7, looking for a small SMT Machine. This is our first experience of buying an automatic SMT Placement machine. After contacting Elite 7 to discuss our options and to see what they had, it was suggested a TWS Quadra would be suitable for us. After seeing the machine in action with our product the decision was simple. It's been in use now for 1 year and paid for itself many times. Great service, great knowledgeable advice, got what we needed with little fuss.
James Winter
- Winter & Smith Limited
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