• Folungwin FL-VP860

    High Quality, Highly reliable

    Reflow Oven Offering huge

    Cost Savings with Low Running

    Power Consumption Rate

  • Folungwin Win-8 Printer

    Fully Automatic Screen Printer

    Many Standard features only found

    on expensive printers

    Highly Reliable

  • Samsung Excen

    120,000 CPH(Optimum)

    Ultra Slim Design with a Total Length of 1.25m

    SMART Feeder - The world’s first Auto-Splicing
    and Auto Loading functions

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Sale of SM482PLUS with Docking Carts to Aerospace Company
19 Aug 2019
Increasing demand for smaller PCB assemblies with smaller components has driven this customer to invest in new equipment.
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BGA Inspection - Technolab Micro Inspector

Micro Inspector, Powerful Viewing Tool for not only looking under BGA's but logging, analysing and other smart functions, various endoscopes available for different Ball pitch

Optical inspection system for use with rigid endoscopes and microscopic optics

The modular design allows all types of inspection using one system. This includes a sophisticated XYZ manipulator with a special object mount system, a camera set-up and an innovative Xenon lamp illumination system. One system provides both overviews and microendoscopic detail.


Main Features:

  • Important tool for developement and serial production of electronic components
  • BGA inspection, Flip-Chip inspection, image storage
  • Process evaluation in the production of elctronic components
  • Preventive and non-destructive inspection
  • Allows Insitu-inspection
  • Compact design
  • Imaging system with various diameters, starting at 0.28 mm
  • Endoscopes with 70° field of vision
  • Endoscope length up to 100 mm
  • Semiflexible light guide
  • Ideal complementation to standard microscopes in process control
  • Illumination by means of standard or customized light guide systems
  • Special camera system for highest image quality
  • PC for storing, processing and evaluating image data
  • Optional IMXpro Software for Windows®
  • Easy adaption to individual requirements thanks to the modular design
  • Worldwide unique flexible endoscope with 320 µm diameter
  • Rigid endoscopes with min. diameter of 1.2 mm
  • Widespread application: Electronics, mechanical engineering etc.

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Customer Feedback
We came to Elite 7, looking for a small SMT Machine. This is our first experience of buying an automatic SMT Placement machine. After contacting Elite 7 to discuss our options and to see what they had, it was suggested a TWS Quadra would be suitable for us. After seeing the machine in action with our product the decision was simple. It's been in use now for 1 year and paid for itself many times. Great service, great knowledgeable advice, got what we needed with little fuss.
James Winter
- Winter & Smith Limited
We ordered a batch of 16 nozzles for our Universal GSM machine. Not only was the price amazing but we were very happy with the delivery and especially the quality of the nozzles. Thanks a lot lads! MR
Muhammad Raja
- Controlled Speed Engineering
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