• Folungwin FL-VP860

    High Quality, Highly reliable

    Reflow Oven Offering huge

    Cost Savings with Low Running

    Power Consumption Rate

  • Folungwin Win-8 Printer

    Fully Automatic Screen Printer

    Many Standard features only found

    on expensive printers

    Highly Reliable

  • Samsung Excen

    120,000 CPH(Optimum)

    Ultra Slim Design with a Total Length of 1.25m

    SMART Feeder - The world’s first Auto-Splicing
    and Auto Loading functions

Latest News
Sale of SM482PLUS with Docking Carts to Aerospace Company
19 Aug 2019
Increasing demand for smaller PCB assemblies with smaller components has driven this customer to invest in new equipment.
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Pick & Place Machine - HANWHA SM482 PLUS Flexible Mounter

Samsung SM482 Flexible Pick and Place Machine

Highly reliable SM482 PLUS is the latest generation of Full Vision pick and place machines from HANWHA.

Cost of ownership is extremely low due to the simple yet reliable X/Y/Z structure.

Easy to use software allows users to quckly learn the machine and get the most from it.  Standard component library has more than 1800 shapes and the polygonic algorithm automatically detects component outlines on difficult components.


  • Built in vacuum pump making air consumption just 50Nl/min!!!!
  • Easily Identifieable Feeders
  • Adaptive Pick Up
  • Front and back operation as standard
  • Large PCB Size of 460mm x 400mm
  • 0201 component recognition as standard, 01005 optional camera
  • 120 x 8mm Feeder Capacity
  • High Accuracy ±30µ@3σ/QFP, ±40µ@3σ/Chip
  • Small Footprint of just 1650mm x 1690mm x 1535mm
  • 4.7KVA Max Power
Placement Rate: 30'000cph optimum
Placement Accuracy: ±40µ@3σ/Chip
Component Range: 01005~22mm² by flying vision
  ~55mm² or 75mm long connectors
  Max Height = 15mm
PCB Size: 460mm x 400mm standard, options up to 1200mm
PCB Thickness: 0.38 ~ 4.2mm
Feeder Capacity: 120 x 8mm


  • 01005 Placement by optional Fly Camera
  • 32mm² @0.3mm Lead Pitch by optional 35mm Fixed Camera
  • Board Size 510mm x 460mm
  • Board Size 610mm x 510mm
  • Board Size 740mm x 460mm
  • Board Size 1200mm x 510mm
  • Intelligent Feeder and Parts system
  • Feeder Docking Carts
  • Flux Dipping Feeder

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Customer Feedback
Quick 310 Tip Cleaner, thanks for recommending this cleaner, it really is a fantastic tool, we all share it and don't use anywhere near as many tips as we used to, thank you! Simon
Simon Aaron
- Godfreys Machine Specialists
We ordered a batch of 16 nozzles for our Universal GSM machine. Not only was the price amazing but we were very happy with the delivery and especially the quality of the nozzles. Thanks a lot lads! MR
Muhammad Raja
- Controlled Speed Engineering
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