• Folungwin FL-VP860

    High Quality, Highly reliable

    Reflow Oven Offering huge

    Cost Savings with Low Running

    Power Consumption Rate

  • Folungwin Win-8 Printer

    Fully Automatic Screen Printer

    Many Standard features only found

    on expensive printers

    Highly Reliable

  • Samsung Excen

    120,000 CPH(Optimum)

    Ultra Slim Design with a Total Length of 1.25m

    SMART Feeder - The world’s first Auto-Splicing
    and Auto Loading functions

Latest News
Sale of SM482PLUS with Docking Carts to Aerospace Company
19 Aug 2019
Increasing demand for smaller PCB assemblies with smaller components has driven this customer to invest in new equipment.

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- BGA Inspection - Technolab Flex Inspector (Flexible Endoscopes)
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- BGA Rework - Quick 2015 BGA Rework System
- Dry Storage Cabinet - Angus 80EA
- Dry Storage Cabinet - Elgin 240EA
- Dry Storage Cabinet - Oban 98EA
- Dry Storage Cabinet - The Bruce 1436EA
- Dry Storage Cabinet - Wallace 718EA
- Elite 7 Installations Limited, Specialists in SMT Placement Machines, NEW, Reconditioned & Used. High Quality SMT Production Equipment
- Fast & Flexible Turnkey SMT Line Solution
- Fast & Furious Turnkey SMT Line Solution
- Flexible Turnkey SMT Line Solution for under £160k GBP
- HANWHA EXCEN New Generation - Small Footprint Chipshooter - 120k cph
- HANWHA SLM120 LED Mounter
- HANWHA SM451 Odd Form Multi Function Placement Machine
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- Technolab Easy Inspector
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- Used SMT Reflow Oven
- Used Wave Soldering Machine
- Wave Soldering Machine - EMS 300 Bench-Top Entry Level Flow Soldering Machine
- Wave Soldering Machine - EMS 310 Entry Level Floor Standing Flow Soldering Machine
- Wave Soldering Machine - EMS 321 Floor Standing Medium Volume Flow Soldering Machine
- Wave Soldering Machine - Folungwin FL-MD450 Worlds Most Popular Machine

News & Information
- Sale of SM482PLUS with Docking Carts to Aerospace Company
- Sale of SM482PLUS - 54th SM400 series in the UK
- Order Received for Hanwha SMT Line comprising of SM482PLUS and SM485
- Order received for ESE US-2000X SMT Screen Printer
- Order received for Flexible Turnkey SMT Line - ESE Screen Printer - HANWHA SM482 PLUS
- Order received for Flexible Multi Function Pick and Place Machine - Hanwha SM485
- Used Equipment Vs Reconditioned
- Overhaul and conversion of Samsung SM451 Odd Form And Flexible SMT Pick and Place Machine
- Order Received for SM471PLUS Chipshooter
- Large Board Pick and Place Machine - HANWHA SM481L installed at LED Lighting company with board handling up to 1500mm
- Best Distributor Award received from Hanwha for UK Sales of their pick and place Systems
- Order Recived for Off Form Flexible Pick and Place Machine - HANWHA SM485
- Installation of SAMSUNG SMT Production Line
- SM482 PLUS HANWHA Pick and Place Machine Installed
- ESE Screen Printer and HANWHA SM482 PLUS Installed
- Reconditioned SMT Line Installed this week
- Install in Cork, Southern Ireland. Customer specified machine colours
- 3rd ESE SMT Screen Printer installed in October
- Reconditioned SAMSUNG SM320 Installed
- Elite 7 End Year 7 on a high with turnover up 50%
- Avalanche Electronics Solutions install reconditioned SAMSUNG CP45FV NEO Pick and Place Machine
- 3D X-Ray Inspection Machine installed - Xavis H160-OCT
- UK Exhibitions
- Visit us at Birmingham NEC 9th-10th May where we will display our Products
- Happy New Year and 2016 round-up
- Pemtron 3D AOI & SPI Systems
- Steady sales and growth of HANWHA Techwin Pick & Place Machines
- 3 Machine order received during National Electronics Week Exhibition
- Reconditioned SMT Machines - Alternative to NEW
- Order received for 10 Head Hanwha SM481 Pick & Place Machine
- National Electronics Week 2016
- Happy New Year 2016 From Elite 7
- Hanwha DECAN F2 High Speed Flexible Mounter Installed, first DECAN F2 installed in UK
- Order received for 2x Hanwha Techwin SM482 with Docking Cart Configuration
- £300K Full SMT Line order received this week
- ESE Screen Printer Installed
- 6 Zone Folungwin Reflow Oven Installed
- Used SMT Equipment List in stock
- TSM Reflow Oven Support and Sales
- ESE Screen Printer Sale - US-2000X sold to Dialight Europe
- Reconditioned Pick & Place Machine Sale to Sweden
- Sale of 6 Zone Folungwin Reflow Oven
- Samsung Pick and Place Line Ordered
- Order Received for Samsung SM482 Flexible Pick & place machine plus Multi storey Tray Feeder
- Order received for SM482LED Pick & Place Machine Plus Large format LED printer 1300mm x 600mm
- Order received for Very Large Board Fully Automatic Screen Printer handling 1500mm x 600mm
- Order received for Samsung SM482 Flexible Mounter and Side Tray Feeder
- Order received for two Samsung SM482 Flexible Pick & Place Machines
- Order received for Samsung SM482L LED 1200mm PCB Pick and Place Machine
- Samsung SM482 Installation
- Order - Folungwin 8 Zone Reflow Oven Ordered by CP Electronics
- Tenstep Ltd. order Samsung SM482 Flexible Pick & Place Machine
- Nemco Ltd. order Samsung SM482 Pick & Place Machine
- Order for Samsung SM482
- Stand at Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2013
- Southern Manufacturing Exhibition - 3 Weeks to go
- Reflow Oven - NEW 8 Zone Folungwin Installed at CP Electronics
- 5 Folungwin Reflow Ovens Installed on 1 site
- Introducing the NEW Samsung SM470 & SM480 series SMART Placement Machines
- Installation of 8 Zone Folungwin FL-VP860 Reflow Oven
- Samsung SM421 Pick & Place Machine Installation
- Samsung Pick & Place Machine installed at Walkbury Electronics
- Samsung SM451 Installation
- Support Team increases to 4 as Matthew Jeffrey joins the team
- ASK Technology invest in New Pick & Place Machine & Opt for a Samsung SM421
- Samsung Techwin Select Elite 7 as UK Distributor for their Leading Edge Placement Systems
- Nemco Purchase 5 Folungwin Reflow Ovens
- Just back from SMT Hybrid & Packaging Show
- Full Turnkey SMT Line Solutions
- Flexible Turnkey SMT Line Solution for under £160k GBP
- Folungwin Win 8 Screen Printer Gets Re-Skinned for 2012
- Samsung CP45FV NEO Ordered by Cleveland Circuits
- Dry Storage Cabinets - Introducing our new range
- Walkbury Electronics Take Delivery of their NEW Folungwin Reflow
- Successful Install at C-Tec
- Walkbury Electronics Order Folungwin FL-VP860 Reflow Oven
- Xavis co Korea X-Ray Inspection Equipment
- C-Tec Order Folungwin FL-VP860 and Board Handling Equipment
- Folungwin Factory Visit & Training
- Follow us on Facebook
- Follow us on Twitter
- Hardware Upgrades for Samsung Placement Machines
- Elite 7 Now offer support for BTU Reflow Ovens
- Reconditioned SM321 Sale

Customer Feedback
We came to Elite 7, looking for a small SMT Machine. This is our first experience of buying an automatic SMT Placement machine. After contacting Elite 7 to discuss our options and to see what they had, it was suggested a TWS Quadra would be suitable for us. After seeing the machine in action with our product the decision was simple. It's been in use now for 1 year and paid for itself many times. Great service, great knowledgeable advice, got what we needed with little fuss.
James Winter
- Winter & Smith Limited
We ordered a batch of 16 nozzles for our Universal GSM machine. Not only was the price amazing but we were very happy with the delivery and especially the quality of the nozzles. Thanks a lot lads! MR
Muhammad Raja
- Controlled Speed Engineering
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